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Entry restricted areas ED-R

 In addition to the control zones as a geographical zone in accordance with § 21h section 3 No. 9 LuftVO, there are other areas with flight restrictions in German airspace - so-called ED-R (Europe Germany Restricted Area). These are also displayed in dipul's map tool, as they must be considered when flying drones and may only be passed with a transit permit. This permission must be obtained from the Federal Supervisory Office for Air Traffic Control (BAF- Bundesaufsichtsamt für Flugsicherung - German only).

The so-called ED-Rs are defined by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport according to § 17 section 1 LuftVO. On the one hand, they serve to avert dangers to public safety, and on the other hand, they designate areas that pose a danger to aviation. Examples are military training areas, government buildings or nuclear facilities. The fly-through of such an ED-R requires a transit permit from the BAF. Flying through without permission is a criminal offense under § 62 LuftVG.

Application procedure

Currently, citizens and organizations have the opportunity to download an application (german only) for a transit permit from the BAF website, fill it out and send it signed to the BAF by mail (ed-r@baf.bund.de) or by post. Please allow at least four weeks for the BAF to process your application. 

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