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Can I fly my drone safely in today's weather?

To operate a drone, not much is needed in principle: registration as a drone operator, a marked drone, and the corresponding competence certificate. Before the flight, the geographical areas are checked and then the ascent into the air can start, right? So far, so good - but an important aspect of preparing for drone flight is missing. Because anyone who disregards the current weather conditions may have little joy in operating the drone and may, in the worst case, put themselves and others in danger.

Unfavorable weather conditions can make it difficult to operate the drone and may prevent photo and video recordings from being made in the desired quality. This is annoying but still tolerable. However, it is much more serious if the drone pilot loses control of the drone due to the weather conditions. For example, strong winds, rain, or snow can lead to unintended flight behavior of the drone. This can result in a drone crash or property damage. The drone operator can also put themselves and others in serious danger through uncontrolled flight.

Therefore, to safely perform the ascent of the drone, it is important to check not only the geographical areas but also the current weather conditions before the flight. For this reason, current weather data from the German Weather Service is now available in the dipul map tool. With this new feature, weather data for the next 24 hours can be viewed. Critical weather information for drone flights is highlighted in color. This allows the drone pilot to quickly see when special caution is required during drone flight.

Feel free to try out the new dipul feature in the map tool and check the weather conditions at your flight location at any time.

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