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Digital Platform for Unmanned Aviation

Precise Airspace Planning with the dipul Volume Planner

The Digital Unmanned Aviation Platform (dipul) has received a significant expansion. On September 5, 2023, the Volume Planner was released as a new feature in the Map Tool. The Volume Planner function in the Map Tool allows for the drawing and calculation of operational space and ground risk buffers for the approval process in the "special" category, primarily targeting advanced users.

By using the Volume Planner, users can draw a circle, polygon, or corridor on the digital map to define their Flight Geography. Additionally, details about the type of unmanned aircraft and parameters affecting the flight can be specified. These parameters may include flight speed, allowable wind speed, or maximum roll angle. Based on the defined flight area and specified parameters, the Volume Planner automatically performs various calculations. This allows for the determination of safety buffer sizes (Contingency Volume) and ground risk buffers (Ground Risk Buffer) on both horizontal and vertical levels. The calculated values for the defined flight area can be exported as .kml or .gpx files in the next step and used as part of the application in the "special" category. Progress can be saved locally by exporting a .dipul file and resumed later by importing this file into the Volume Planner.

For users, the calculations from the Volume Planner provide a reliable foundation in the application process.

The release of the Volume Planner marks a significant milestone in the digitization of the approval process. In the future, applications for approvals in the "special" category should be fully prepared and submitted electronically, with the automated calculations from the Volume Planner serving as a critical basis.

In addition to the release of the Volume Planner, further improvements have been made to dipul.

Following the provision of an English version of the platform and the addition of quality-assured weather data and a measuring tool for distance measurement to the Map Tool, the dipul homepage now appears in a new design.

The continuous improvement and preparation of dipul for the integration of digital application procedures are of particular concern to the Ministry of Digitalization and Transportation. The dipul contact form is available for any wishes or suggestions for improvement.

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