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Map Tool in new design

Almost one year after the Map Tool was released, the second update of the map application of the Digital Platform for Unmanned Aviation (dipul) was successfully implemented on November 28, 2022. The new version of the Map Tool not only appears in a new look, but also includes improvements in the user interface. The new features are intended to make the Map Tool clearer and its use more intuitive.

If you open the new version of the Map Tool, you will immediately notice the new design of the map material. With the update, the requirements for accessibility, which previously had to be activated by the users themselves in the settings, are integrated in the Map Tool. For this reason, for example, a higher contrast can now be seen in the map material. The display of the map layers at a lower zoom level and the new structure of the information in the menu are also intended to increase clarity in the Map Tool.

Furthermore, the update also improves the user guidance. The basic operation of the Map Tool remains the same, but it will be optimized by minor changes. With the new version of the Map Tool, for example, links to the legal bases are set on the dipul and the rotation of the map is optimized. Thus, the street names now remain legible despite the rotation of the map. In addition, the adaptation of the layer designation should enable users to orient themselves quickly and increase comprehensibility.

The further developments are partly based on feedback from users. If you have any comments, suggestions or wishes regarding the Map Tool, please contact us using the contact form.

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