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General information in plain language

Welcome to our website.

Here you will find information on drone flights.

A drone flies in the air like an airplane. 

A person controls the drone. 

drone pilot

This person is called: the drone pilot

The drone pilot is not inside the drone.

The drone pilot is on the ground.

The drone pilot uses a remote control.

You cannot fly a drone everywhere.

There are rules for that.

There are places where you need permission. 

For example, if you want to:

  • fly over a hospital

German highway sign (Autobahn)
  • fly over a motorway

There is a form to apply for this. 


You can find a link to the form here:

We want everyone to know the rules for flying drones.

Everyone should find the information easily.

Map of Germany

That’s why we made a map.

The map is a computer tool.

The map shows all places of Germany.

The computer map shows you where

  • you can fly drones
  • you need permission to fly

The rules are different everywhere in Germany.

You can find the link to the map here:

How to use the map with a computer:

First choose where you want to fly your drone.

For example: Cologne

Then click on Cologne with your mouse.

Move your mouse over Cologne.

Make a circle with the mouse.

Now you see icons on the map.

You need permission in these places.

You can fly drones in places without icons.

You don’t need permission there.

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